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"Woman is the fountain of spirit in which the future of humanity is nursed."

Welcome to Sacred Moon Healing! It is my honor to bring you an offering of {full spectrum} birth and postpartum doula services rooted in the Ayurvedic tradition. Ayurveda is an ancient system of natural healthcare that focuses on bringing balance to mind, body and spirit. It is focused on nurturing new parents in the specific ways they need as they recover from the incredible transformation of pregnancy and birth. As an AyurDoula, I utilize the 4 Pillars of Ayurvedic Postpartum Care:

  1. NOURISHMENT - Ayurvedic meal & herbal preparation/instruction specific to each of the 6 weeks of the initial postpartum period 

  2. MINDFULNESS - yoga & meditation that help calm the nervous system as well as aid in regulating hormone levels

  3. DAILY SELF CARE - Abhyanga, baby massage, herbal bath ceremonies, belly binding, flower essence & herbal yoni steaming rituals

  4. REST - allowing yourself to be nurtured so that you can focus on healing & bonding with your new baby (mothering the mother)

Ayurveda says that the first forty-two days after birth impact the next forty-two years of a birthing person’s life. This is because pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are such shifts in the lives of people and families. Providing yourself with as much of a foundation as possible during this time can be so helpful in starting your parenting journey in a healthy way. This is why my postpartum care extends through the first six weeks after birth.

I offer packages to suit a variety of needs, however, we can work together to create your ideal postpartum care package! I offer in-home & long-distance appointments that include a free consultation to ensure we are a good fit for one another.


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"Having the nurturing support of Leah's care during my postpartum time was such a blessing! I loved having a clear framework for recovery from birth that provided me with nourishing food, healing herbs, tinctures and teas and self-care rituals. The guidelines for Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle made it so I didn't need to think or make lots of decisions during those foggy early weeks post-baby, instead, I could feel at ease that I had delicious, healthy food available for me  (and in turn, my baby) and many tools to help me feel my very best. Leah has a loving, calm and caring energy about her. Her presence around the house was so pleasant & sweet. I'm immensely grateful to have had her wonderful support during this special time in my life."

-Frances & Percy


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